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19 November
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Hello there people my real name is Ariel, no not like the little Mermaid I think I'm cursed at times lol but I was really named after a fairy In the Midsummers Night Dream Shakespearian play she was small,cute,energetic,and happy I think that describes me pretty well I am 5'4 and have green/hazel eyes with ever changing hair. I don't look anything like my age people mistake me for being a 16yr old just because I'm so freaking small well not that small but you get the idea, nerve racking at times but whatever you cant always let the little things get to you,I plan on going to college to be an artist because I have good artistic talent. I know I have to do what I'm passionate about & that is art and sculpture. I'm currently employed hopefully I'll get a better job in the future.I'm a complete horror flick fan can't get enough of it or gore so you deffinetly will find me front row of a saw movie with popcorn,soda & just watching it with much enjoyment heh. I couldn't be more happy with my life,Fluxx and Nocturne(In Phili)I enjoy it so, even though theres drama but hey, no matter where you go it's bound to happen oh well life goes on. My personality is this yes I am a nice person, I'm a stuck up snob... j/k hehe I am kinda shy though I need to get to know you before I can actually warm up to you I'm diff. than most people ,most things people find odd I love heh ,I'm a little sassy but not all the time only if you have it coming to you ,and oh yes and I must warn you I have a very sarcastic side I get that from my father bad and good at times but I'm also easy to talk to easy to get along with I don't like dead weight people or users,liars,assholes,cheaters,wife beaters. I'm basically up for anything really [Quote]"life comes at you fast" lol, so you have to be prepared and one more thing I always say this "always question the answers",I like to have fun and be serious all at the same time,I love Video Games hardcore game addict particularly DDR:Dance Dance Revolution & Warcraft...I'm a dork but thats just me and as for my family origin I am German, russian,Irish,Czech <--- must explain why I'm so fricken white lol,And American Indian interesting riiiiiiiiight ((sighs)) heh, my fav. sites I often go to are myflashfetish,lokisama,and gothicasylum I'll get back to you on anything else I have to add. Ariel♥